Help keep the fire of medicine burning

My plan is simple. We all know there’s tons of evidence and a growing trend of clinician burnout. But, what’s not so clear is what we can actively do to help. This is a project to celebrate people that I know are making a difference. It’s done through gifting of awesome t-shirts and personal thank you cards. I hired a designer to create something that I hope will be meaningful to others as it is to us. The shirt shows a phoenix bird raising the Rod of Asclepius out of the flames below.


The symbolism is intended to be obvious. American healthcare is in a crisis like we’ve never seen before. Costs are extraordinary. Outcomes are less than impressive. And, the people we need most to lead us are burned out to the point of wanting to leave medicine all together, or worse. I can’t fix this problem alone, but I can show gratitude and support to those I look up to who are fighting the good fight.

This project is somewhat similar to the #PinkSocks movement. And, of course the focus is on burnout. I am beginning with a list of people who inspire me with their outstanding work, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Spread the word that burnout doesn’t have to be the accepted norm. We can all make a difference. There are people out there now doing great things to help. Highlight them and help amplify their impact. Oh, and if you like the shirts and what they stand for, please share fun selfies (goofy is preferred) on social media with the #FightBurnout hashtag. If you know someone who needs recognition with a t-shirt, or would otherwise like to get involved, reach out. I would love to hear from you!


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